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Philippine consumer sentiment weakens in Q4 (2)


20:05, December 15, 2011

"More households expected their expenditures on basic goods and services to increase in the first quarter next year," she said.

According to Amador, this was because most consumers felt that prices were to move up in the coming months and concluded it was best to spend what they can afford before the price increases happen.

There were those who fear that inflation, averaging only 5.3 percent at end-October, would climb as high as nine percent, Amador said.

Consumers also anticipate better employment conditions down the line and this helped boost plans to make future purchases, she added.

In summary, Amador said consumer perception about family finances and family income weakened although the economy was seen to improve down the line.

Sentiment across all income groups turned less optimistic, particularly the high-income group whose optimism dipped the most, Amador said.

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wende at 2011-12-1671.251.41.*
It is not safe for Chinese tourists to travel to the Philippines because of what happened to HK tourists who died and without sympathy from the Philippine president. He gave a cold snicker when he faced a grave diplomatic situation. Also, China should not go ahead with any commercial dealing with the Philippines until after settlement with the South China Sea issue. Who would be encouraged to befriend China when China"s friends and foes are treated equally?

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