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Dubai chasing Singapore's strictness with fines on violations (3)

By Gerard AL-Fil (Xinhua)

19:50, December 15, 2011

Violations in Dubai's metro system can also be expensive. Passengers using the metro without a valid ticket will be fined 210 dirhams (56 dollars). On Nov. 17, a U.S. woman was fined 300 dirhams (80 dollars) for falling asleep in the metro on her way home.

As in Singapore, eating in Dubai's metro or buses is also strictly forbidden. "We have notices of these many rules, but I must admit that as a woman I feel very safe in Dubai," said Maria, a waitress from the Philippines.

Strict rules apply not only on roads but also in the public buildings. Walking around in bathing shorts or underwear-shirts, is also strictly forbidden in Dubai, as in all the Islamic countries. Smoking has been banned in all the public buildings, hospitals and health clubs. People who break the law have to pay high fines and can even face arrests.

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pg at 2011-12-16175.156.222.*
There is an important lesson from Singapore and Dubai for China, and that is: rules are to be enforced if rules are to be meaningful and beneficial to the people and nation. Rules and laws are made so that people of all walks in a society may live together in safety, peace and harmony, which will contribute to a prosperous, strong and stable nation. For this to work, the people must be convinced that there is justice and righteousness through the rule of law, that every person is equal in the eye of law.What is the use of having rules and laws that are not enforced, that could be circumvented unlawfully, or even overridden by certain people, the so-called VIPs and VVIPs in society?An immediate and vital need for China in its goal to raise the quality and standard of life for all is the fair and just enforcement of rules, according to the rule of law.
Papa at 2011-12-1692.98.20.*
On the second thoughts they are putting reckless unreasonable fines and charges to raise funds especially after recession,Dubai has a long way to go ,the law changes overnight and its biased when it comes to dealing with Locals vis a vis Asians /Whites.

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