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History will not fondly remember war-makers (2)

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

17:17, December 15, 2011

The locals are worried that terrorist organizations and anti-U.S. insurgent groups may stage a comeback. There is no adequate personal security, and the so-called political development and economic prosperity is nothing but empty talk.

The largest political legacy of the Iraq war is the so-called democracy. The United States claimed that it has made Iraq a model of democracy in the Middle East, but the fact is that Iraq is still facing a grim security situation and a bitter religious rivalry, with a weak foundation for democracy. More alarmingly, the country’s Kurdish and Sunni minorities are joining hands to seek greater autonomy, and terrorism has not been rooted out in the country. Is such a “model of democracy” really attractive?

The United States previously twice announced the end of the Iraq war and did not start withdrawing its troops from Iraq until nearly three years after its commitment on troop withdrawal, showing the great difficulty in ending a war. The superpower announced the end of the war once again, while Iraq remains a war-ravaged country with weak mobilization and action capabilities as well as long-term internal political and security risks.

The Iraq war has exerted considerable impact on Iraq and the United States as well as the system of international relations. At the beginning, the war had two purposes: to remove the possible threat posed by the Saddam Hussein regime’s weapons of mass destruction and to overthrow the Iraqi dictatorship supporting terrorism. However, no weapons of mass destruction were found even after the U.S. troops entered Baghdad, the capital of Iraq.

The then U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell, who claimed at a United Nations conference that Iraq did have weapons of mass destruction, later said angrily that he was misled. The second purpose produced the opposite result.

Iraq used to have no relations with terrorist organizations but became a hotbed of terrorism after the U.S. invasion. The United States declared war on another sovereign nation without the support of the international community, so even the U.S. media have naturally used the word “invasion” when mentioning the Iraq war. The United States has set a bad example for other countries through this unjustifiable war.

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swimmer at 2011-12-21124.78.142.*
The amount of disinformation these days is staggering. The obvious net result is a decrease in accountability by war mongers and corporate crony crooks. Many US citizens are still caught up in the delusion of it all. World citizens are more saavy, but should still beware of the cycles of history. Politicians have always lied. What"s different in the US in the recent past is the shocking amount(~50%) of public support of obviously bad leaders, and obviously wrong information.(FoxNews). To the other half of the public (democrats, libertarians, etc), it is a sad disgrace to watch as these crooks destroy the country, and the world, commiting crimes against their own countries and the world. Not all Americans agree with what"s been going on. But still, too many do, and actually believe the lies and FoxNews propaganda. It is dangerous, I think. So I left, after 2 miserable terms of GWB, with WWII Germany as a reminder of a type of society that I would never let myself live in. And, btw, with the departure of GWB, it clearly has not changed the direction or tone of the big military money that has obviously hijacked what was once a great, and(more)just, nation and world citizen.
dave from canada at 2011-12-19184.66.11.*
I hope the truth about the destruction of Fallujah will come out and the US be tried for war crimes. May the Iraqis who perished in Fallujah rest in peace.
PD User at 2011-12-1860.210.106.*
It's obvious why Lee Kuan Yew has become your target; he has allowed Singapore's naval base to be used by the USA. But you got to understand that the tiny island republic is surrounded by larger nations many times its size, so it's good to forge good ties with a superpower! You would do the same if you were in his shoes! And stop your silly comment about he being 'brainwashed'; he is much admired not just within Singapore but outside too for his foresight, good judgement and independence! He fought and threw out the British(the whites whom you claimed have brainwashed him), and won independence for his people. Is that the sort of person who could be 'brainwashed'?
Larrydu at 2011-12-1860.53.54.*
An article based on the reality and not, as usually the case, on fantasy about present political situation. Hope to read more from this writer.
PD User at 2011-12-1880.94.16.*
2011-12-17.Words-please don"t critize Americans.What?Where your minds?Family Bush and pony Obama to lose 3 trillions dollars in Iraq"s war to make wonderful a dreams american bussiness-3 trillion! You silence-still election idiot"s.

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