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Too early to loosen China's property controls (2)

(People's Daily)

07:31, December 15, 2011

Facing the slowdown of domestic economy and the increased uncertainty in international economy, what is supporting China's decision of persistent regulation?

Effect on financial sector minimal

Ren Xingzhou, head of Institute of Market Economy Research under the State Council, believes that the current investments in real estate will continue to maintain reasonable growth, and it would be normal even if the growth slows down. The adherence to real estate market regulation helps to further improve people's livelihood, promote social harmony and stability and drive the healthy development of the real estate sector.

Meanwhile, the influence of a steady housing price drop on the financial sector, including banks, is generally controllable. From a mid- and long-term perspective, sticking to regulation can help the local economy gradually shake off over-dependence on real estate, and promote the adjustment of industrial structure and income structure.

Therefore, following the periodic development law of China's real estate market and persisting in real estate market regulation is actually conducive to sustained and healthy economic and social development.

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