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Coping with environment, economic crises needs new approaches (2)


19:00, December 14, 2011

Great efforts should be made to develop new technologies to help solve the environment problems. New technologies, such as electric cars, renewable energy and fuel-efficiency technologies are needed to help reduce gas emissions to cope with global warming.

The EU summit in Brussels has stressed the importance of new technologies to economic growth and job creation and underlined the importance of information technology.

Both the Durban climate conference and the EU summit also called for the creation of a new mechanism for renovation and innovation.

After marathon talks, the 194-party conference in Durban agreed to establish the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform for Enhanced Action (AWG-DPEA), under which the Kyoto Protocol will start its second commitment period in 2013.

Meanwhile, the EU took a step towards a European economic union by agreeing on a new fiscal pact on Friday. They agreed to reinforce fiscal discipline and impose an automatic sanctions mechanism, laying a foundation for the establishment of a European Monetary Union.

Developed European countries and the United States should shoulder their historic responsibilities for both the environment and economic crises. They need to fully understand this point and consider the interests of developing countries while seeking technological advancement and creating new mechanisms, systems and new theories.

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