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China must retain its strengths as it goes global (2)

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

17:19, December 14, 2011

The two articles were published on The Economist on the occasion of the 10th anniversary of China's accession to the World Trade Organization. People could not help recalling a famous remark made by a leader of a big power in the West 10 years ago: "Let China join (WTO). We will regulate China's way of acting and change China's political system someday."

Now 10 years have passed. Some Westerners have not changed their ideological and theoretical systems or the perspective over China. What has changed is that the words boasting of transforming China have become a less confident ridicule.

Joining the WTO was a major strategic decision China made to accelerate the reform and opening up and socialist modernization after a comprehensive analysis of both domestic and overseas situations, and an important step in the grand process of China's reform and opening up.

China has realized clearly that it needs to fully implement the WTO commitments and continuously improve the liberalization and facilitation level for trade and investment in order to participate in the international economic cooperation and competition to a greater extent and at a higher level.

Indeed, many WTO rules were developed by the dominant Western countries. However, China has never linked complying with these economic and trade cooperation rules to drawing close to the West in the political system.

The reason is simple. The country's political system and development road ultimately depends on the will of the overwhelming majority and the country's specific national conditions and historical and cultural conditions.

As Deng Xiaoping said, the key indicators for evaluating a country's political system and structure are its political stability, the improvement of its people's lives and the sustainable development of productivity.

Since the founding of New China, and more than 30 years of reform and opening up, China has undergone historic changes. This fully proves that China's political system is in line with national conditions and has strong vitality.

Integrating into the world does not mean giving yourself up. Some Westerners do not understand this and blindly take rigid conservative views as synonymous with the Chinese political system. They do not yet have an open and peaceful mind to grasp the changes of China's development.

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James Phifer at 2011-12-3098.177.168.*
China a classical civilization does not have to kowtow to the corrupt and hypocritical western imperialists running dogs with their lies and evil. As it is known among the Sages, their arrogant and racist delusions of superiority shall be their undoing. History will record that western civilization,( an oxymoronic expression of the most twisted upside down hubris, cosidering the evil and suffering they have inflicted on each other and a great deal worse to non-white people on this planet), the cancer of history, sometimes a disease that cannot be destroyed selectively has to be destroyed collectively by destroying the host.
KamHua at 2011-12-14212.224.185.*
No doubt about the title, this is what China should do!We must not hesitate to tell the western great powers that, although China is in a developing state, they can learn from China in many ways.
PD User at 2011-12-1498.71.179.*
Like the beginning of industrialization in America, the first 100 years were very good and prosperous and America became the giant of the world. China got in on the tail end of this prosperity. Now comes the price to be paid, wars and lawsuits, violations and criminal acts. China opens now to the survivors that have been the monopolists, those above the law, those unwilling to give up their control, the worst of the worst.

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