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Factbox: China's Central Economic Work Conference from 2006-2010 (2)


15:56, December 14, 2011

The year of 2009

Time: Dec. 5 to 7

Basic tone: to promote the transformation of the economic development pattern while maintaining stable and comparatively fast economic growth

Major tasks: China vows to improve macro-regulation in 2010 to ensure stable and relatively fast economic growth to advance economic structure adjustment; lift the quality and efficiency of economic growth; boost rural development momentum; deepen reform and opening up; enhance the momentum and vigor of economic growth; promote a stable increase in exports; improve people's living standards; maintain social stability.

The year of 2008

Time: Dec. 8 to 10

Basic tone: to maintain a stable and relatively fast economic growth

Major tasks: China plans to enhance and improve macro-regulation and implement proactive fiscal policy and moderately easy monetary policy in 2009. It vows to step up efforts to increase farmers' income and strengthen the developing momentum of agriculture industry and rural economy; speed up the transformation of the economic development pattern and structural adjustment; deepen the reform and opening up; maintain social stability.

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