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PLA Navy on imperative route to power through reform (2)

By Mao Xiaogang (Beijing Daily)

08:15, December 13, 2011

To prioritize naval construction is a natural move for China now that it has accumulated a certain degree of material, scientific and technological power. It does so to better protect its national interests rather than target at any other country.

It is common to see some irresponsible hype and smears around the world aimed at China's military development, especially the so-called transparency matter.

China's announcement at such an opportune moment is transparent enough. The PLA Navy will forever act in accordance with its duty in regard to China's ocean sovereignty and interests with no fear and flinch upon any interference and will ensure the safety of national interests by virtue of its own distinct views and powerful strength.

The United States Deputy Secretary of Defense Michele Flournoy said at the 12th DPCT on Dec. 7 it is totally wrong to say "the conflicts between U.S. and China are inevitable." But no matter, the disputes on military between the two countries is not a simple matter of talking. A country will never walk tall at the consultation table without a strong power as a support.

Notwithstanding any rigorous situation in the international environment for speeding up its reformation, the PLA Navy will stick resolutely to the established goal and direction of development.

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Batuapi at 2011-12-1512.48.57.*
Joe was trying to interpret the book of Revelation from the Holy Bible. To me the Antichrist is the combined western power including the United States. Iraq was invaded under falsified intelligence. President George Bush with a smuck on his face excused its effort as an introduction of democracy to Iraq. not withstanding thousands were killed and millions impoverished with a generation without proper education
Joe at 2011-12-15184.174.178.*
The EU, the infrastructure for the Revived Roman Empire, is one of the key players in the last days as foretold in Daniel 7 and Revelation 17. China most certainly will be a part of the Kings of the East found in Revelation 16:12. The global economy focus of Revelation 18 will be ruled over by the world dictator known as the Antichrist. By the way, the Antichrist comes out of the EU, the precursor to the revived Roman Empire, and will control the buying and selling of? the world in the last days, Revelation 13:16, 17. China will join with the Antichrist to stop the Messiah, Jesus Christ from coming back to the earth, Revelation 16:13-16.
Sam Teng at 2011-12-13175.136.52.*
China has a long coastline and many islands to protect its territorial integrity. A strong and modern navy is much needed to achieve this goal. With the increasing international roles China is playing to ensure safety of ships off Africa from Somalia pirates to the Mekong river; and now the frequent detention of Chinese fishing boats by foreign countries, it is greatly justified for China to develop and expand its naval forces for peace and security of its people and territory.
eed at 2011-12-13120.166.29.*
China has every right, to become a superpower, not only in economics, but also the most important thing is, to become a superpower in the military field, do not let the U.S. always continue to threaten the world peace, the only way is, China must be the one of a country which could counterbalance the Western military power.
helen at 2011-12-13203.82.92.*
Just press on expeditiously the transformation and modernisation of the PLA, be it the navy, airforce .... and importantly the 2nd Artillery Corps.Western leaders and US media will always have something negative to say about China and on every subject under the sum. The important thing to do is to treat them with the contempt they deserve!A strong modern and deterrent PLA will safeguard China sovereignty and Chinese dignity. The days of the Qing Dynasty era are long over and in its place, New China has emerged. The Chinese people will never be humiliated again!While China CCTV has been expanding its broadcasts in more and more languages and helping other sovereign nations to understand the New China, Chinese mainstream press has been always on the defensive. It"s about time for Chinese mainstream press to be more aggressive and expose US lies, fabrications and disinformation. The Western mainstream media has been waging a never ending war against China and the Chinese people. And they will never change their racist perception of China and the Chinese people, not to mention the World of nations.The question remains as whether the China People"s Daily, China Daily, Global Times etc mainstream press are up to it?

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