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S. Korea says Chinese skipper kills coastguard (2)

(Shanghai Daily)

19:35, December 12, 2011

The 42-year-old captain broke a window on his vessel and stabbed the officers with a shard of glass, according to initial reports.

Lee suffered fatal injuries while the other victim, a 33-year-old, was stabbed in the stomach and was undergoing hospital treatment.

The coastguard later said the captain has been arrested for murder and violating the South's exclusive economic zone, and that it was unclear whether he used a shard of glass or another weapon.

"All crew will be detained for investigation and another boat that was at the scene has been seized so that its crew will be questioned about whether they were involved in the crime," said Ahn Sung-Shik, an investigator with the Incheon coastguard.

In Beijing, foreign ministry spokesman Liu Weimin said China is ready to work closely with South Korea and handle the case "properly."

"China has taken measures to enhance the education of Chinese fishermen and management of outbound fishing boats to prohibit cross-border fishing and irregularities," he said.

He also urged South Korea to "fully protect Chinese legitimate rights and interests of Chinese fishermen and provide them with due humanitarian treatment".

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ASEAN at 2011-12-15220.255.1.*
@arkhangelsk, Oh ya ? From the sound of it ? What sound are you talking ? The sound from your mass media ? You are like those uneducated people who try to project themselves as holy and educated elites. Who are you to jump to conclusion that it is entirely the Chinese Captain fault ? Were you there ? The possibilities are many. It could be that the SKorean navy entered Chinese"s sea, it could be that the captain was very sure that he is in Chinese territory and that the SKorean navy board their fishing vessels without regards to international law. Supposing you was the Chinese captain fishing in your own territory and the SKorean naval officers board your vessel and start destroying your fishing nets,fishing equipments, damage your ship engine, etc would you not put up a fight ? Or are you got no gut ? Let"s not jump to conclusion.
arkhangelsk at 2011-12-12219.73.8.*
From the sounds of it, the Chinese fisherman Captain is entirely at fault. I hope China not apply any pressure to force other countries to release one of their hooligans again. Should the fisherman be returned, I hope China can provide him a fair trial and if the facts warrant (as they seem to right now), to accord him the most severe punishment.

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