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Judicial reform in Henan gets public support (2)


18:36, December 12, 2011

In a 2009 mine explosion that killed 76 miners in the province, a local court handed down death sentences with two-year reprieves for two mine managers, the harshest sentence ever handed down for such a case.

According to precedent, mine managers are typically sentenced to a maximum of seven years in prison on liability-related charges. However, after considering the serious consequences of the case and the actions of the managers, the court decided to charge the managers with "endangering public safety."

An investigation revealed that the managers had intentionally ordered the mine's ventilation facilities and gas sensors to be disabled, leading to the blast.

In another scandal, another local court handed down a similar sentence to a man who was convicted of producing and selling large amounts of clenbuterol, a carcinogenic chemical added to pig feed to produce leaner pork.

The local judicial system is also making efforts to expand its open trial and public hearing system.

Local courts have published 99.37 percent of their decisions online in recent years, and live broadcasts of many of their hearings can also be found on the Internet.

Being open-minded about public supervision is the best way to win the people's support and confidence, Zhang said.

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