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China confident in improving environmental protection (2)

By Zhong Sheng (People's Daily)

14:05, December 12, 2011

It has been recognized by the world that China has made great achievements in environmental protection in recent years, and many regions of China have made great environmental protection progress too. However, since many problems have accumulated in the course of China's economic development, the environmental protection task China faces is still very arduous and heavy.

Generally, the contradiction between Chinese people's higher requirement and China's actual environment protection situation has become more acute. Therefore, it has turned into a very practical issue of how China should raise its environmental protection level in a great-leap-forward way.

In general, China is still an international standard follower, and in most cases China only follows others to upgrade its standards passively. This kind of passivity has made China pay a very high price. However, since China is able to realize great-leap-forward developments in other areas such as the manufacturing industry and high-tech area and even could be the creator of some new standards, China is also able to take the lead in the world in the realm of environmental protection.

A good prospect for China's development is that China will not use the standards set by the United States or other developed countries to satisfy its people's demands for the quality of life but will make more Chinese standards turn into international standards.

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