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External direct investment in HK grows in 2010 (2)


18:53, December 09, 2011

A government spokesman said that the stocks of inward and outward direct investment at end of 2010 grew appreciably further over a year earlier, amid the worldwide economic recovery and thriving global financial market activities. The ratios of inward and outward direct investment to the size of the Hong Kong economy stood at 486 percent and 417 percent respectively, a continued manifestation of Hong Kong's position as a regional business hub and an international financial center.

The spokesman noted that the mainland continued to feature prominently in Hong Kong's external direct investment, both as a source and a destination, covering a wide range of economic activities. Looking ahead, investment ties between the mainland and Hong Kong should strengthen further with the deepening economic integration between the two places and the rapid development of offshore Renminbi business in Hong Kong.

Meanwhile, the city government will continue to foster economic links with other parts of the world, particularly the emerging markets.

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