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Most young migrant workers not well adapted to city life: survey (2)


16:42, December 08, 2011

In response to a question about unacceptable behavior among city dwellers, 57.9 percent of respondents chose "looking down on migrant workers" as the most unacceptable, putting it ahead of "indifference" and "living extravagant lifestyles."

According to the report, China had 230 million migrant workers in 2009, 58.4 percent of whom were born after 1980. This new generation of migrant workers is estimated to total 84.87 million.

The report said these young migrant workers have not only become the main body of the migrant worker population, but also an important force in China's industries, playing an increasingly vital role in China's economic and social development.

The report also covered the marital woes that many migrant workers find themselves confronting. Just 55.8 percent of the survey's respondents said that they still live with their spouses, as many migrant workers are forced to leave their spouses in their hometowns to take care of their children.

For these couples, financial problems are the biggest cause of marital difficulties. Paying for housing was the biggest problem for 29.2 of the survey's respondents, while another 21.5 percent cited costly education for their children as the biggest problem in their relationships.

Despite living separately and being financially strained, nearly 75 percent of the survey's respondents described their relationships as "harmonious," while less than 3 percent said they were in "bad" relationships.

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