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BASIC countries remain united over climate change: Chinese delegate (3)


09:36, December 07, 2011

"The four countries that are presented on this table are committed. We are doing our part and we hope everybody will do the same. As BASIC we want to leave Durban with a fully functional Green Climate Fund, not just an empty shell," Brazil's climate negotiator Luiz Alberto Figueiredo told the media.

Basic countries are not a group and they are part of the Group 77 plus China, working together to safeguard the interests of developing countries as a whole, Xie said, stressing that BASIC countries are united as ever and are willing to take action to meet the challenge of climate change.

"We want to see the Durban climate talks to achieve substantial results," he said.

He reiterated that developed countries should bear for the historical responsibilities of climate change and lead the emission cuts while providing fund and technology to developing countries for better responding the climate change.

"Developed countries should carry out their commitment they have made in cutting emission and giving financial assistance to help developing deal with climate change, he said.

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