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Everyone loses when US candidates bash China (2)

By Wen Xian (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

19:34, December 06, 2011

China's rapid economic development and the United States' worries over a possible recession have led to a rare phenomenon that all the Republican presidential candidates must look tough on China, and the incumbent president apparently has decided to be tougher than opponents on China-related issues.

The former governor of Massachusetts Mitt Romney is regarded as a competitive presidential candidate of the Republican Party, but he often claims that China "steals" technologies from the United States and "invades" the U.S. computers.

He said that if he is elected to be the president, he will define China as a currency manipulator country and increase taxes on products imported from China on the first day he takes office in the White House.

Another presidential candidate of the Republican Country, Texas Governor Rick Perry, is also actively attacking China and says China is like the former Soviet Union.

The Republican speeches designed to curry favor with the public have objectively put high pressure on Obama, who is seeking a second four-year term. Therefore, some political advisers on Obama's side also keep pressuring him, saying that he must show a tougher stance towards China at the current moment.

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Fred Jansohn at 2011-12-07202.129.80.*
Let’s see if we have this right: Unless America does the “running-over”, it is not alright for one country to “run over” another country. It seems it’s now fashionable in the USA to bite the hand that feeds you while enjoying the reassuring benefits being extended by the very same hand. The reality is that in today’s economic climate where would the USA be without Chinese investment and trade? Where would Europe be? Where would the rest of the Asia-Pacific region be? Where would the many Third World countries be that have benefited, or will benefit, from their relationship with China? To destroy a fundamentally sound relationship based on ill-conceived paranoia for short term political gain is unwise and, in the end, self-destructive. As this article observes, during his (or her) term of office whoever gets elected next President of the USA based, in part, on an anti-Chinese platform, will have to abandon that platform if the US is to survive the economic storms looming on the horizon. In so doing the President will be obliged to demonstrate to those Americans who elected him that China is not a force for evil, and that American interests are best served by a broadening of the mind and an acceptance of China as an equal on the world stage.
Anthony at 2011-12-0799.251.111.*
Perry and Romney are examples of "white trash".
Eric Walton at 2011-12-07174.6.21.*
I have to agree that when the US Bashes China everyone loses.
PD User at 2011-12-0767.253.5.*
Please don"t judge all Americans by the quality of the candidates we currently have running for office. I would also ask that you not make the same judgment for the quality of our members of Congress. I am heartened by the fact that you understand the pressures that President Obama is enduring in his efforts to provide the quality of leadership that this country so desperately needs. You may take umbrage at some of President Obama’s remarks on fair trade. I understand. But, you’ll be taking more than umbrage if he doesn’t win this election. It’s either that or prey for a dark horse candidate who at least knows when our Revolutionary War was fought.
Jhony Cheung at 2011-12-07114.79.2.*
Just compare what has the Chinese government do to reduce unemployment, and what the American government do. Compare others in reducing poverty, support green tech, etc.It will make the American people envy on Chinese.

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