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'Diplomatic war' may escalate conflicts (2)

By Tain Wenlin (People's Daily Overseas Edition)

08:18, December 06, 2011

The United States knows very well that a war against Iran can have unbearable consequences, so it has been trying other means to force Iran to give up its nuclear ambitions. However, these means have all failed.

Obviously, the more time elapses, the more Iran will benefit because Iran's nuclear research and military strength grows as time goes by. But the more time passes, the less Israel will benefit because the United States is in a phase of strategic decline in the Middle East, and Israel will be more isolated after the wave of unrest Middle East. Therefore, a military showdown between the two sides is just a matter of time.

And currently, the combination of many factors, including the dramatic changes in the Middle East, the European and U.S. economic crises, and the Libya War make the West feel that the timing of a military strike against Iran is becoming ripe: The intensifying European and U.S. crisis has increased the possibility that the West will shift the focus of popular attention by launching a war; the turbulence of the Middle East has provided a rare chance for the West to interfere in the Middle East as a priority; the Libya War, which ended a short time ago, has greatly encouraged the West's ambition and confidence to interfere in the affairs of the Middle East.

In addition, the recent Iranian attack on the U.K. embassy marked the boiling point in a confrontation between Iran and the United Kingdom. Therefore, large Western countries, including the United States, have found a new excuse to demonize Iran and even adopt stricter measures. It was like pouring fuel on the already roaring flames of the Iran nuclear crisis, and the future will inevitably be more dangerous.

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Rash at 2011-12-2388.175.56.*
China is a great country and civilisation. From their generational wisdom, China needs to find a way to promote Asian and world stability and prosperity by starting to partner with its neigbours including India!
PD User at 2011-12-19217.171.129.*
Feel sorry for Iranians... :(
dinesh bhusal at 2011-12-1490.195.102.*
US is always hungry for wars to make rich people more richer....It may not happen always though.
wende at 2011-12-0671.251.41.*
US does not want to see any leader in any sphere because it sees itself arrogantly as the leader of the world that cannot be replaced at all costs. US has never stopped looking for the next wars.
janardan acharya at 2011-12-0649.244.194.*
Your observation on Iran,s issue is appreciable. Similarly you have pointed some issue regarding the US interest.Because US don,t wants to see another leadershipin that region.

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