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Cab impounded? Get a new one (2)

(Shanghai Daily)

13:23, December 05, 2011

Less than 5 percent of the illegal drivers pay fines, despite more "black cabs" being seized in a continued crackdown this year, said Cai. The team has impounded 451 illegal cabs, according to the team.

Owners must pay a fine of up to 50,000 yuan (US$7,856) to get their confiscated vehicles back.

However they usually just buy another car - often a former taxi for about 20,000 yuan - and add fake equipment, such as a rooftop light and car plate, to make it resemble a genuine taxi.

The total cost is about 30,000 yuan, said officials.

"The outlay will soon be made up once the new car hits the road," explained an official.

Last year the situation was no better. Of 332 vehicles confiscated only 11 were reclaimed.

Some drivers even ripped up punishment notices in front of officials.

At the same time, the authorities said that the storage fees for impounded cars reach millions of yuan a year.

Usually, unclaimed cars are destroyed - though this usually takes six months and involves lots of paperwork, officials said. "Selling scrap steel from the vehicles doesn't even cover storage costs," said official Wu Runyuan.

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