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No silver bullet to cure poverty (3)

(Shanghai Daily)

13:03, December 05, 2011

These give researchers, working with local partners, a chance to implement large-scale experiments designed to test their theories.

As of 2010, J-PAL researchers had completed or were engaged in 240 experiments across 40 countries. A very large number of organizations, researchers and policy makers have embraced the idea of randomized trials.

Many have come to share our basic premise - it is possible to make very significant progress against the biggest problems in the world through a set of small steps, each well thought-out, carefully tested and judiciously implemented.

Q:How do you think the Occupy protest movement, that started on Wall Street and has spread globally, will impact the ongoing debate on global poverty?

Duflo: The Occupy Wall Street protest is very much in response to domestic issues in the US, to the increasing inequalities in the US in the past 10 to 15 years, to inertia and to the inadequate response to the economic crisis in the US.

Global poverty is not at the forefront of their consideration at this point in time. So I frankly don't know whether or not this protest is going to have any impact on how to think about solving the problem of global poverty.

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