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100,000 yuan offered for clues to blast at bank (2)

(Shanghai Daily)

08:31, December 05, 2011

Police said their preliminary investigation showed the explosion was caused by unknown objects piled up on the sidewalk in front of the bank's gate, but they were still trying to find out who piled up the objects.

According to news website, an anonymous official with China Construction Bank said a security van was collecting cash from the bank when the explosion occurred.

"The van was not damaged in the blast and it drove away from the scene with sealed cash boxes. No cash went missing in the incident," the website quoted the bank official as saying.

A bank staff member was slightly injured by falling glass while a security guard suffered damage to his hearing.

Tian Jingchao, an official with Wuhan Fire Bureau, said robbers had placed explosives at the bank. But that had not been confirmed by authorities.

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See at 2011-12-0560.50.6.*
Wake up chinese police, until today the police did not even have a clue and I think china have to send more police officers for proper training on forensic investigation
helen at 2011-12-05203.82.94.*
All Chinese cities and relevant installations must be covered fully by CCTV cameras to increase additional safeguards to properties and lives.London and other British cities have pioneered these and would help security to monitor and curb illegal activities.China must continue to expand CCTV camera coverage to curb criminal, domestic and global terrorist activities.

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