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Chinese book fair held in US city of Houston (2)


12:02, December 04, 2011

The Houston book fair is the reflection of the development of China's publishing industry, he said, noting that the event will help promote friendship between the two peoples and serve as a platform for Houston readers to learn more about China's history and culture.

US congressman Al Green extended congratulation on the opening of the Chinese book fair in Houston.

"The Chinese community is strong in Houston," Green said, adding that one indicator of the importance of the local Chinese community is that next year, the ballot for the US presidential elections will be printed in four languages, including Chinese.

Green also paid tribute to Chinese ancient sage Confucius, calling him a cross-border cultural symbol. In October 2009, sponsored by him, a US House of Representative resolution was passed to honor Confucius, Green said.

The Houston book fair is a good opportunity for local readers to learn about Chinese cultures and thoughts of Confucius, said Green.

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Ming Chu (USA) at 2011-12-0475.208.243.*
好的 ,first Chinese words readers of Houston need to learn is " excellent , good ". 孔子 ,second Chinese words is " Confucius ". 谢谢 , third Chinese words is " thank you ".

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