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Oh deer, I think I love you (2)

(China Daily)

11:15, December 03, 2011

"The sheep and the deer have been in love with each other since last year," Li Li, a staff member with the zoo, told China Daily.

In a fenced area about half the size of a basketball court, six deer and three sheep are kept at the zoo. The amorous ram, known as Long Hair, has fascinated the doe, Chunzi, since they were little.

"Chunzi is the prettiest deer among the six," said Liu Gencheng, a 24-year-old keeper in the zoo who has been taking care of the couple for more than a year. "She was chased by other bucks. But Chunzi loves playing with Long Hair the most. The two have spent a lot of time together since they were little."

Liu said he did not make a big deal out of it when he discovered the couple was regularly having sex over the past year.

"I've seen that many times. I know they usually do it in the morning."

It was only two weeks ago that the zoo's vet, Liu Lingxiang, accidentally spotted the two having sex, and immediately reported it to the zoo manager.

"This is hard to believe," said Lingxiang, who has worked as a vet for more than 10 years. "My colleagues and I have never seen sex between two different species of animals."

The pair became famous after the local TV channel reported their relationship. And they became a national topic after pictures showing their intimacy were posted on the zoo's micro blog.

Thousands, including some celebrities, left their comments. Many gave their blessings but some, in particular animal experts, left doubts.

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Stana Fio at 2011-12-0646.115.21.*
This is such a romantic true story ... I love You, China ! ONly by you could have happen something like this and only oru newspaper could have got such a sweet, touching , full of good heart and good opinion about Love , article !

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