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Sudanese, foreign institutions say Sudan concentrated AIDS epidemic country (2)


14:36, December 02, 2011

However, many challenges slow down the authorities' campaign of AIDS control, including discrimination against the carriers of the virus, as well as social traditions that discourage reviewing sensitive issues relating to ways of HIV transmission or means of prevention against it.

Additionally, the lack of data in all parts of Sudan is a great barrier for national and international organizations in the field of AIDS control.

The most recent field survey, conducted in 2002, indicated that the infection rate in Sudan reached 16 percent, but the figure is likely to change after separation with South Sudan.

In this respect, the SNAP director explained that results of a comprehensive survey would come out by the end of December, which is likely to provide accurate data on the spread of the disease and the most infected areas in the country.

He noted that the coming period would witness major interventions, including provision of care for the people living with HIV. He disclosed that a project would be launched later to employ 1000 people living with HIV.

He further declared the completion of a draft law for those living with HIV and that it was at the final stages for approval, saying that more than 138 centers for free HIV tests have been established.

Nils Kastberg, meanwhile, said Sudan was among the first Arab countries to respond to AIDS control, saying that there was need for further efforts in this respect.

He added that Sudan's geographical location, its sharing of borders with several African countries, the population movements and displacement due to armed conflicts were additional factors for the spread of the disease.

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