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Coca-Cola says products not poisonous (2)

By Guo Kai (Global Times)

15:39, December 01, 2011

"Our company takes the incident in Changchun very seriously. We have reached out to the affected families to express our concern and compassion," read a statement sent to the Global Times by Coca-Cola yesterday.

"After being notified of this incident, we carried out comprehensive inspections of the same product batches, and have not found anything unusual. All the products are safe and meet standards," said the statement. The local Coca-Cola factory in Jilin Province carried out the inspection, the release said.

"Our first priority is always to ensure food safety and high-quality products and through our rigorous quality assurance process, we are confident that consumers receive safe, high-quality products," read the statement.

After the incident, authorities began canvassing the city searching for Coca-Cola products that may also be tainted.

In a blanket investigation of all sales outlets, the Changchun Administration for Industry and Commerce ordered the beverages be removed from shelves and sealed for further testing.

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