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China's auto industry faces export challenge (3)

By Zhang Yi (Guangming Daily)

13:29, December 01, 2011

Overseas success depends on government regulation and enterprises' efforts

Zhi said that Chinese government has paid attention to the cutthroat competition among Chinese automakers in overseas markets. The disorder has considerably squeezed profit margins of automakers and made them lose sustainability. Therefore, the Chinese government will raise the exports threshold to keep automakers with overly volatile export records from entering into overseas markets.

To supplement the implementation of the outline on rejuvenating the auto industry issued by the State Council, the Ministry of Commerce and seven other departments released opinions in 2009 on supporting sustainable and healthy development of auto component exports sector, the focus of which was to create a fair and sound competitive environment for automakers' international expansions.

China has been working on the establishment of some public service platforms involving research, development, information and export certification to automakers.

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