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Thousands of Britons protest against gov't pension reform (2)


12:21, December 01, 2011

As for medical service, thousands of routine treatments and appointments are being cancelled because nearly 400,000 health staff including nurses, healthcare workers, administrative staff and cleaners walked out.

However, a spokesman of The Royal Free Hospital told Xinhua before the strike that though some of its staff might join the strike, "the service should be normal," with the contingency plan in place.

Another hospital in northwest London also denied its service will be disrupted by the strike.

The authorities of Heathrow Airport said Wednesday morning that the strike of British Border Agency workers had not disrupted the immigration checks at the airport so far.

"Due to the effective contingency plans we have put in place with the airlines and the UK Border Agency over recent days, immigration queues are currently at normal levels," said a statement released by the London airport, one of the busiest airports in Europe.

The airport indicated earlier that immigration queue time at the airport for non-EU passengers could be two to three hours.

According to government's pension reform plan, the public sector staff will have to work longer before retiring and pay more for pensions and switch from final-salary to career average schemes.

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