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Tunisian university decides to ban full-face Islamic veil (2)


11:22, November 30, 2011

Clashes between the fundamentalists and secularist students also took place around the campus, but no injuries were reported, Radio Mosaique FM said.

Hundreds of academics gathered at the faculty to show their solidarity with the decision and called on the country's newly- elected Constitutional Assembly to take a legal stand clearly banning the niqab within university institutions.

A one-day strike on Dec. 1 by university teachers was also announced, with marches planned to the ministry of higher education, as well as to the Constitutional Assembly, Tunisian TV reported.

Both the country's General Workers' Union (UGTT) and Human Rights League condemned the storming of the university campus in separate statements issued on Tuesday.

The incident is the latest in a string of clashes between secularists and Islamic fundamentalists that have touched both schools and academic institutions throughout the country in recent weeks. The incident has also prompted a strong debate on the absence of security within educational institutions.

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