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Tibetologist says self-immolation runs counter to Buddhist precept (2)


23:13, November 29, 2011

Most of the self-immolation attempts were reported in Aba county of Sichuan's Aba Tibetan-Qiang autonomous prefecture. Nearly all the victims were current or former clergy of the Kirti Monastery.

Some people embellished the incidents as "religious acts to show people's dedication to Buddha," "rare noble acts" and "the most benevolent deeds," descriptions which greatly tainted and deviated from Buddhist doctrines of forsaking evil and promoting virtue, Li wrote in the article.

Quoting Buddhist scriptures, Li said killing oneself or others, or instigating such killing, constitute "grave sins," and those who commit sins of this kind "must be expelled from the Buddhist circle, disqualified as a monk or nun and condemned to hell."

In addition, the precept of taking no life also calls for saving life, the writer said.

Cherishing life and opposing suicide have become principles upheld worldwide and countries across the world have participated in fighting religious extremism and terrorist and violent acts in the name of religion, Li said.

Therefore, self-immolations by monks and nuns must be stopped, Li said. Violations of Buddhist precepts should be prohibited to ensure the sound and lasting development of the religion.

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