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More balanced ballots (5)

By Xuyang Jingjing (Global Times)

08:40, November 29, 2011

Fairly transparent

Zhang the Renmin University of China student didn't want to discuss much the pressures she faced during the election. She's satisfied with the election process, saying it was fairly transparent, even though she said her microblog was blocked. She said she spent about 4,000 yuan on her campaign and wouldn't rule out the possibility she might run again in five years.

Wu, the long-experienced representative, said her failed election campaign left her with some hope for the future. "It's a long process, and it's still going to take a long time," said Wu, who can recite articles from China's Constitution that backs her right to run for office.

"The election caused a great deal of discussion on campus and raised the level of involvement of the students and teachers, that's the positive thing coming out of this election," said Wu.

Beijing News reported that voter turnout in the capital was a record 97 percent. The paper said 83 percent of the elected deputies were nominated through the endorsement of constituents rather than by a party or organization. Across the city six write-in candidates were also elected, said the paper.

For first time campaign volunteers like 20 year-old Sun the election processes was an awaking. "This whole experience has been remarkable, totally worth it. Now I understand now that my vote does matter," she said.

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