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DEHP inspections find chemical (2)

By Fu Wen (Global Times)

13:36, November 24, 2011

According to a list released by the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine Friday, 13 Taiwanese companies were found to be exporting DEHP-tainted food to the Chinese mainland market.

The exported products include sports drinks, juice and juice powder, said the administration's website.

The administration also banned imports of around 950 types of food and beverages produced by Taiwanese companies containing DEHP.

Dong Jinshi, secretary-general of the International Food Packaging Association, warns DEHP exists not only in food products, but also in cosmetics and food packaging materials like plastic food wrappers.

"When choosing plastic food wrappers, consumers should avoid products made by polyvinyl chloride, as it contains large amounts of DEHP," Dong told the Global Times Sunday.

"We do not recommend using plastic food wrapper to cover hot or oily food, or heating wrapped food in microwaves as it dissolves high concentrations of DEHP into food," Dong said.

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