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Chinese city commissions sci-fi tales based on mysterious ancient civilization (2)


11:07, November 22, 2011

Meanwhile, Wang has visited the Jinsha Site Museum, Sanxingdui Site Museum, and two Qiang People-inhabited counties at the invitation of Chengdu government.

"Jinsha stunned me with its beauty, and its unsolved mysteries propelled me to write," Wang said.

About 3,000 years ago, the aboriginal Sichuan residents started holding fetes around today's Jinsha archaeological site, and for the next 500 years, the ancient residents buried numerous pieces of delicately-made gold wares, jade objects and ivories there, according to the Jinsha Site Museum.

Wang Yi, president of the museum, said many unearthed Jinsha antiques had never been documented in history, thus presenting a swathe of unsolved mysteries for writing science fiction tales.

The Jinsha relics suggested that ancient Sichuan residents had yearned for exploring the unknown world with their imagination, a trait that compliments the essence of science fiction, Wang added.

According to the project coordinator Tan Kai, the idea of creating science fiction on Jinsha was inspired by British writer Neil Gaiman, who visited Jinsha in 2007 when he was invited to attend a world science fiction conference held in Chengdu.

Gaiman said the antiques were like objects dropped from the heavens and full of elements fitting science fiction. At that time, we decided to invite sci-fi authors to write about Jinsha, Tan said.

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