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Lack of enforcement lets dust fly at Beijing (3)

By Zheng Xin (Shanghai Daily)

10:23, November 22, 2011

In Beijing, more than 5,000 construction sites covering 150 million square meters of space release about 40 percent of the particles in the city's air. They, along with auto exhaust, coal emissions and industrial pollution, are the chief causes of air pollution in Beijing, according to Fang Li, deputy director of the environmental protection bureau.

"If the dust at the construction sites is not well controlled or the dust on the ground is not hardened, it can be easily blown into the air and increase the particle concentration," Fang said. "It's especially hazardous to people's health on dry winter days."

According to Wang Xiaoming, another official with the environmental protection bureau, fighting construction dust is one of the bureau's priorities.

"We're paying attention to the dust pollution created by construction in residential areas, downtown and at some large construction sites in the capital," Wang said. "Those companies all know the regulations, but they simply don't follow them."

Some think the pursuit of profits is driving their actions.

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