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Team lays blame for Wenzhou train crash (2)

By Wang Qingchu and Zha Minjie  (Shanghai Daily)

08:58, November 22, 2011

Struck by lightning

The preliminary investigation blamed a design defect in the signaling system for the crash.

After being struck by lightning, the malfunction caused the signal equipment to mistakenly show a green when the light should have been red, Xinhua news agency quoted An Lusheng, director of the Shanghai Railway Bureau, as saying soon after the crash.

Meanwhile, the bidding process for future railway projects is to be conducted using a third party platform in response to concerns over transparency.

Previously, bid management and supervision was conducted by railway departments and local railway bureaus.

Projects were usually awarded to companies which had good connections with the railway authorities, it was claimed. The former railway minister, Liu Zhijun, was sacked during a graft probe that involved a series of railway projects during his tenure.

According to the Beijing News, cellphone signals will be blocked during the bidding process to ensure fairness. Bidders will have to register and have their fingerprints checked at the Beijing construction project contract trade center where the bidding will take place.

In a scandal exposed earlier this month, cooks with little knowledge of construction were found helping build a railway in Jilin Province.

Railway construction is big business with up to 800 billion yuan (US$125.7 billion) spent annually on railway projects in recent years.

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LovingChina at 2011-11-22183.39.46.*
Despite of all the new hardware, software and spee..e.edy goodies, the railway admin has never been good even with the newest grand stations constructed. Staffs in ticket booths, administration and security were arrogant and rude in majority of stations ( in towns and cities ) which clearly showed the poor quality of management from top to bottom without a doubt! Arrogance and ignorance befit them well till they come around with real smiling and friendly attitudes to think that passengers are their "bosses" but not those inside the offices prying thru stock exchanges!! But, when will they be able to fine tune their shoddy work attitudes? A suggestion: Multi-role all staffs (including top end folks) to gather experiences and rotate them as required by qualifications and proven skills continuously so fewer become dead woods of China Railway!! Our lives depend on them!!!

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