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Japanese drills should raise red flags for China (2)

By Lu Yanghui and Dong Wei (China Youth Daily)

15:10, November 21, 2011

Third, 5,400 soldiers and officers of the Japanese Self-Defense Force, 1,500 tanks and armed vehicles and 30 warplanes participated in this military drill. The drill integrated all the ground, maritime and air forces of Japan with an aim of protecting the islands in the southwestern region, including the contested Diaoyu Island and its adjacent islands, tp which China has a claim. The drill is aimed testing the Japanese forces' island defense ability in an assumed situation.

The Japanese self-defense force's exercise has fully echoed an overhaul to Japan's defense policy made in 2010. Unlike the previous three defense plan outlines, the "2010 National Defense Plan Outline" has regarded China as a threat and defined China's normal military activities as signs of "threats." Therefore, Japan's self-defense forces have specifically shifted the focus of its defense to the waters near southwestern Japan.

The military exercise has reflected a new idea in the construction of Japanese self-defense forces. Japan's new defense definition has no longer been limited to defense, changed the requirements for the self-defense forces to "deploy the minimum military capacity at basic military posts." Furthermore, the new "National Defense Plan Outline" has focused on "actual combat skills" and has not ruled out the possibility of launching preemptive strikes. Undoubtedly, this is another risky move on the part of the Japanese government, and China should be alert.

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arkhangelsk at 2011-11-22219.79.229.*
Dear Richard: It is actually very nice to see that the PD can at least be more objective than some of its readers. Like it or not, at the moment Japan has sovereignty. China only even started claiming it after oil appeared.As for the reason they are doing that, all you have to do is see PD User.As for respecting Chinese sovereignty, they are doing that. Respecting Chinese sovereignty is just fine but that"s a different matter to treating every new Chinese claim as a valid piece of sovereignty.
arkhangelsk at 2011-11-22219.79.229.*
Dear PD USer with long post: Such statements actually go very far to show why other nations guard against China.
Harald at 2011-11-22119.111.62.*
PD user your calculations lack any sense of reality. What importance has the quality of an American vs. a Chinese stealth fighter? The size of the Chinese vs. the Japanese GDP? an open war between Japan and China would destroy global economy and most likely end in nuclear holocaust. It"s not an option in either country. This is all about upping the antes in a dispute about some islands on which both China and Japan have claims. As simple as that, and besides, PD chose exactly the right words for describing the situation. Just because western newspapers always mix fact with opinion doesn"t mean PD should do the same.
Easterner at 2011-11-22116.197.0.*
Defending your homeland is fine. But if Tokyo ever think of launching a pre-emptive strike or touch Chinese"s soil, it will find a storm unleashed. It will have awken a tiger in a tigers" stepped on a fire-ant hill, or disturb killer bees. The memories of Japanese atrocities are still fresh. Tokyo should really think and think hard where they stand and who they should be allied with.
nahmed at 2011-11-22119.73.33.*
Did Japan forget American"s nuclear bombing of their two cities? After about 70 years, the country still taking advices from the country who ruined them. They should think Asian, do Asian and love asians.

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