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Hot online: wolf dad, Kong swears, ova trade, bus safety (3)

By Xu Pingting  (

13:33, November 21, 2011

Ova black market

Black markets for female ova are being operated by agencies in Beijing, the media has exposed. The illegal market targets girl students from famous universities and offers tens of thousands of yuan for one ovum.

The better the seller's conditions are, for example a higher academic degree, the higher pay she receives.

However, with money comes risk. Medical experts say the ova removal operation may cause complications or even death in the worst case scenario.

Currently, China's laws forbid ovum trading but allow women who have tube babies to donate the reproductive cell. As a result, despite the demand, there is a shortage in supply of ova for infertile women.

Apart from criticizing the sellers focused on money-making, some analysts call for extra legal channels for ovum donation to curb the illegal trade.

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