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More foreign grads get to China to boost future career (4)

By Han Shasha (People's Daily Online)

13:09, November 21, 2011

The lack of necessary information concerning internship placement and job requirements, possible troubles with visa and accommodation and cultural misunderstanding also prevent young specialists from launching their careers in China.

Beijing-based Getin2China Company was founded as an 'intermediary' between the employers and interns. Several years ago, it launched its China Business Internship Program that offers students and graduates a full package of services for the period of their internship in Beijing and helps local and foreign companies to find the proper candidate for their vacancies.

Phillip, 23, has just finished a five-month internship with CBBC as a business consultant. CBBC was looking for a young candidate from the United Kingdom to fill this position at the same time when Phillip applied for the internship program. Both the company and the intern are greatly satisfied with each other.

Along with the Chinese language course that was included in his internship program it helped him significantly to improve his language skills. "Employers in Britain vastly appreciate when you can speak 'exotic' languages like Chinese," says Phillip. He is sure he will have no problems finding a good job upon return.

According to Khlystov, the internship program has been a success for the past four years. And in 2012 Getin2China Group expects three times as man students and graduates to discover China and its ever-growing job market.

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DK Gurulu at 2011-11-21137.132.3.*
Very interesting indeed. I have heard many similar stories. Even on a higher and more senior level it can be very useful to be conversational in Chinese. I know an investment banker at BoA who speaks Chinese and that is how he got the IB job in China. So start learning Chinese ;-)Dan Kowalsky
wyx at 2011-11-21115.152.209.*
I hope that there"ll be more foreigners going to learn our Chinese.

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