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More foreign grads get to China to boost future career (3)

By Han Shasha (People's Daily Online)

13:09, November 21, 2011

After graduating from Colombian University as software engineer David, 25 years old, came to China for a six-month internship in a large international IT company. After staying in China for three months, David found that he was actually more interested in business development rather than software applications. David's roommate worked for a small start-up in Beijing, and that is how David learned about business strategies and techniques. And then he quit his IT internship and also joined a small start-up as business manager.

It is also one of the biggest advantages of internships in China that interns might greatly expand their networks while living and working here. Recently such large cities as Shanghai and Beijing have turned into big «melting pots» welcoming people from all over the world. Being a part of international community interns have a lot of opportunities to meet people working in a variety of industries both in China and abroad.

Though companies and interns here are in need of each other, there are still a lot of problems for both to face. Companies are not willing to waste their time and resources while searching for the right candidate, and most foreign students have their fears of coming to China.

"Most Europeans are afraid of coming to China because of the language barrier. Without knowing Chinese, they think they will not be able to find proper accommodation, pass job interviews and simply integrate into the everyday life here," said Yuri Khlystov, the general manager of intern recruiting company Getin2China Group, Ltd.

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DK Gurulu at 2011-11-21137.132.3.*
Very interesting indeed. I have heard many similar stories. Even on a higher and more senior level it can be very useful to be conversational in Chinese. I know an investment banker at BoA who speaks Chinese and that is how he got the IB job in China. So start learning Chinese ;-)Dan Kowalsky
wyx at 2011-11-21115.152.209.*
I hope that there"ll be more foreigners going to learn our Chinese.

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