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Govt depts go online, share info on Weibo (3)

By Cao Yin (China Daily)

17:45, November 18, 2011

But he reminded that it only served as a supplement and could not replace news conferences and communication with the public.

Some netizens said they hoped the official Weibo platform would release more useful information instead of trivial stuff.

Dun Jifeng, 31, a university employee in Beijing, said he did not follow any government department Weibo accounts, because they were boring.

"I would be very interested in it if this official Weibo information room could offer something on the medical, educational and housing reforms. I'd like to follow it," he said.

Weibo has been gaining popularity rapidly. Latest figures from the General Administration of Press and Publication show that China now has about 480 million netizens, of whom about 200 million are Weibo users.

Qiu Bo contributed to this story.

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