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US Asia-Pacific strategy brings steep price (2)

(Global Times)

09:25, November 18, 2011

The strategic nature of competition between China and the US in the Asia-Pacific will be murky for the time being. However, China has gained more stakes when dealing with the US. It is hard to say whether the US holds more advantages in China's neighboring area. The potential for economic cooperation between China and its neighboring countries is great. China should learn to use this to protect its political interests. Any country which chooses to be a pawn in the US chess game will lose the opportunity to benefit from China's economy. This will surely make US protection less attractive.

Naval disputes are only a small part of East Asian affairs. The US and other countries seek to defend private interests by taking advantage of them. As long as China increases its input, it will make countries either pay the price for their decision or make them back the doctrine of solving maritime disputes through cooperation.

East Asian affairs should be handled under the coordination of relevant countries. No one dominant force is wanted. China has more resources to oppose the US ambition of dominating the region than US has to fulfill it. As long as China is patient, there will no room for those who choose to depend economically on China while looking to the US to guarantee their security.

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PD User at 2011-11-2171.193.30.*
At Canada..very good comment and insight of US and democracy world. What you said is mostly true.
Nic at 2011-11-20124.82.104.*
China should toughened up. Don"t forget Vietnam, Ho Chi Ming"s kissing and hugging of Chairman Mao, but after China had helped them to fight the US they turned their guns on China.Follow US"s method, grant or aid should be given with pre-conditions. You can vary the conditions to suit but given given without strings attached; lest, they would think that China is green and could easily be baited with a little plead.
Bob Carlson at 2011-11-2076.172.7.*
It is good that the US is looking more at Asia, and China should look more at South America. This is one world, and it is unrealistic to look at it in any other way.
chen yan at 2011-11-191.36.46.*
syntax problem at the last sentence. where is the "be"?
DrObserver at 2011-11-18111.240.49.*
Economic interests today are almost always more attractive to politicians than security interests tomorrow. If they are hungry today, a possible fight tomorrow can wait.Let"s see how the US "feeds" their new "friends" when China withdraws the feeding hand. All they have is paper money . . . worth less and less and less, as they print more and more and more.

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