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How climate change will affect China (2)

By Yu Huimin (The Economic Daily)

16:01, November 17, 2011

Food supply guaranteed

The report says that climate change will change the current crop planting layout in the future. In 2050, the crops planted in middle and high latitude regions will have moved to higher latitude regions. Every time the annual mean temperature rises by 1 degree centigrade, the middle latitude crop planting regions of the Northern Hemisphere will move between 100 and 150 kilometers north and move up between 150 and 200 meters in elevation, and the rice yield per unit will decrease by 10 percent.

If countermeasures are not taken into account, every time the global temperature rises by about 2.5 degrees centigrade, China's grain yield per unit will decrease by 20 percent at maximum.

Great potential for energy efficiency, emission reduction

"Currently, there are mainly two uncertainties in the trend for carbon emissions. One is the changes in gross economic output and energy structure and the other is the impact of technological progress and innovations on energy efficiency and emission reduction," said Xu Huaqing, a researcher at the Energy Commission under the National Reform and Development Commission。

"Climate change is a common issue facing the international community," said Li Yanrui, a special representative for climate change at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs." The Chinese government has actively participated in international negotiations and cooperation on climate change. China has positively supported and joined the activities under the framework of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change and the Kyoto Protocol and has made efforts to establish a fair and efficient global climate change response system under the principle of assuming common but differentiated responsibilities."

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