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Chinese women rescued from Angolan den of vice (3)

By Zhang Yan  (China Daily)

14:50, November 17, 2011

The police later rescued 16 other victims from a dark room about 7 meters underneath the ground level.

The police said from March to October, the suspects had made illegal profits of about 5 million yuan.

The police found that two brothers - Sun Yinghao and Sun Hongbao - ran the racket. They had invested 4.2 million yuan to rent a club called Zhong'an International Entertainment Club in Benfica district in Luanda, capital city of Angola.

Sun Yinghao's mistress, Xu Juan, from Jilin province, was in charge of luring impoverished Chinese women into the racket.

Xu confessed that she specially targeted women who lived in bad conditions and wanted to go abroad to make big money and have a better life.

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