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Occupy movement must find global answers (2)

(Global Times)

09:33, November 17, 2011

Street demonstrations are a typical way for US citizens to showcase their assertions. The gatherings may yet usher deep change.

However, this movement is not an excuse for China to feel relaxed or su-perior. Social injustice is an unsolved problem throughout the world.

At the moment, protests are spreading in the West. Those coun-tries have enjoyed decades of pros-perity, an era that may be coming to an end.

The Occupy protesters are un-doubtedly pushing politicians to re-flect upon government policies and the overarching model of develop-ment. Democracy is struggling to tackle the Wall Street conundrum.

Any system has its dead angels. The movement also urges China to reexamine its own system and en-deavor to reduce social injustice at home. Addressing it is the only way to allow people to feel the China mod-el is convincing.

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