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Microblog job titles still widely sold online (2)

(People's Daily)

08:19, November 17, 2011

The sellers said that their shops are responsible only for registrations of celebrities, but the buyers do not need to offer any material proving their identities and careers. Even if a buyer is not a celebrity, as long as the buyer gives a name of a celebrity, the buyer still can get a registration name with "V."

Du Junfei, a professor at the School of Journalism and Communication under Nanjing University, said that the lack of honesty and trust in the real world has made it impossible for microblogging sites, with limited staff resources, to guard against every fake verified account.

"The existing verification techniques cannot satisfy the needs of a microblogging site with more than 200 million registered users. Every day, tens of thousands of users apply to have their account verified," said Tencent's microblogging service, which recently expanded the coverage of its account verification system from merely celebrities to all users.

Sina Weibo, the leading microblogging service in China, declined to disclose how many verification and moderation staff members it had, but stressed that it has been constantly improving its monitoring techniques to eliminate fake verified accounts. It also established a platform for reporting fake accounts and rumors.

In addition, it has assigned special staff members to manage verified accounts and started cooperating with Beijing Guozhengtong Technology Company, a major provider of electronic identity services in China, in July this year.

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