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IPR violation a global issue, says official (3)

By Qiu Bo (China Daily)

08:53, November 14, 2011

"Overseas firms are encouraged to report violations to us and we will take immediate action upon receiving the report," Zhou Bohua, minister of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, told China Daily earlier this year.

A national conference was held in February to help enforce the ban on unauthorized software in 147 central government departments.

The ban is now effective in central government offices. The State Council also ordered provincial authorities to observe the ban by next June. City-level government offices have until next December to comply.

Social organizations and individual copyright owners have become ready to defend their rights.

In March, 50 Chinese writers and publishers published a letter claiming that the largest Chinese search engine,, provided their works for free download without their permission.

"The environment of IPR protection has been significantly improved in recent years," said Wang Qian, a professor at the intellectual property school of the East China University of Political Science and Law.

"For instance, in Shanghai where I live, copyright violation suits involving criminal punishment have surged recently, which will curb such misconduct.

"I saw more and more people chose to install licensed computer software and I see it as (evidence that) the government's actions have taken effect."

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