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IPR violation a global issue, says official (2)

By Qiu Bo (China Daily)

08:53, November 14, 2011

As of June 30, law enforcement officers had investigated more than 156,000 cases and closed 9,135 workshops producing counterfeit goods, the SIPO said.

The government will take further administrative and legal steps to protect IPR, according to a statement released by the State Council on Wednesday.

Police are being urged to establish a cross-regional enforcement system to facilitate investigations, it said.

Tian says that most countries focus on imports of fake goods and pay relatively little attention to exports, while Chinese customs officials supervise trade in both directions.

This proves that the Chinese government is serious about IPR protection, he said.

It needs to raise public awareness of and respect for IPR, he added.
The government is also stepping up its campaign against trademark violations in cooperation with judicial authorities.

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