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President Hu: US woes not yuan-related (5)

(China Daily)

08:18, November 14, 2011

"Lack of strategic mutual trust is one of the biggest problems to achieve that goal. Now that he once again made it clear to the US that China will not do any harm to the interests of the US, we hope that the US can really start cooperation that benefits all," Tao said.

Obama agreed in the meeting with Hu that strengthening cooperation between the US and China is vital to the two countries and to the Asia-Pacific region and even the world.

He said that the US welcomes a stronger, successful, prosperous and stable China to play an even greater role in international affairs, emphasizing that the US respects the rightful interests of China in the Asia-Pacific region.

Obama also said that the US respects the sovereignty of China and the US is glad to see continuous progress made in relations across the Taiwan Straits and supports both sides of the Straits to continue to seek stability and reconciliation. The US will continue to pursue the one-China policy based on the three China-US Joint Communiques and will never support "Taiwan independence", Obama said.

Hu arrived in Honolulu with other Asia-Pacific leaders to attend the annual Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders' Meeting over the weekend.

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The exchange rate did not cause structural problems in the US economy, such as the trade deficit and unemploymentthe US should loosen export controls on high-tech products to China and make it more convenient for Chinese firms to invest in the US.These have been repeated many times before but US appear thick and choose not to understand them.They like to sing the same old song again and again.

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