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Italian PM Berlusconi formally resigns (3)


10:58, November 13, 2011

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi is greeted by several lawmakers after a vote on the austerity measures for 2012 at the lower house of parliament in Rome, Italy, Nov. 12, 2011. Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi resigned Saturday night after a package of austerity measures demanded by the European Union (EU) was passed in both chambers of Italian parliament, the ANSA news agency reported. (Xinhua/Wang Qingqin)

Berlusconi founded his own political party first Forza Italia (Go Italy) in 1994. Later in the same year he won the election and became premier for the first time, and successively served two other terms taking office again in 2001 and 2008.

He has been facing heavy charges including tax fraud, embezzlement, false accounting, bribing a judge, and paying for sex with an under-age prostitute, but he has always denied any wrongdoing and has never been definitively convicted.

The premier's center-right coalition strongly lost support in 2011, as Italy's debt-driven crisis deepened alarming the EU partners as well as the international community.

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