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Taiwan to end adoption chaos (2)

(People's Daily Overseas Edition)

15:15, November 11, 2011

In addition, Taiwan still does not have a professional child adoption follow-up system, and therefore children who are believed to be adopted may fall into the hands of human traffickers.

Carrying out reform to patch legal holes

In order to patch the legal leaks, the amendment will make a significant reform on the child adoption of Taiwan.

The draft prescribes that, in the future, the child adoption agencies of Taiwan must be non-profit organizations with the permission from the authority of Taiwan and must take "the family of Taiwan having priority in adopting the child" as their principle. An agency facilitating an adoption without the permission from the authority will be fined 300,000 new Taiwan dollars at maximum.

In addition, when an agency with the permission from the authority receives a child adoption commission, it must go to the relevant families to investigate and make assessment reports too.

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