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Will US, Israel attack Iran? (2)

(People's Daily Overseas Edition)

16:57, November 09, 2011

Israel is in a hurry to use military force against Iran because its intelligence agency has found that Iran is preparing to transfer the centrifuges of the uranium enrichment facility at Natanz to an underground uranium enrichment plant near the holy city of Qom. Once the relocation of centrifuges is completed, military attacks will become extremely difficult.

The current situation is very tense and it seems that both sides are sharpening their knives. Because the situation is still developing and evolving, it remains uncertain that whether the United States and Israel will launch a military attack against Iran, and unknown factors may still make other options possible.

Subjectively, the United States, Israel and European countries are willing to eliminate Iran's nuclear ambition at all costs to safeguard their strategic interests. Of course, it is a better choice for them to make Iran give up nuclear weapon development through mere threats like the saying, "The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fight."

But, if Iran persists in its opinion and the conclusion of the report made by the International Atomic Energy Agency clearly and affirmatively indicates that Iran is developing the nuclear weapon and the development speed and level are surprising and have crossed the line of tolerance set by the intelligence department of the United States, then the possibility of war will be high.

But even so, it is still not quite possible that the United States will launch a ground war in Iran, and it is more probable that the United States will carry out airstrikes using precision guided weapons.

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Nazrul at 2011-11-16180.149.3.*
Great China should opposes the Wests illegal activities because they are the killer of millions of human beings around the world in the pretext of terrorism.
zubair ahmed at 2011-11-15122.168.231.*
What the hell , you Chinese are doing, mere spectator , while US is gobbling up all resources around the globe , what has happened to your ICBMs , just show, or these fake.?
PD User at 2011-11-1383.202.40.*
Firstly China is good and big nation so it has big responsibilty to maintain peace in the world.
David Temsike at 2011-11-11201.191.27.*
If the US and Israel decide to attack Iran, I would love to see Iran win with China and Russia helping and resupplying. I hope Turkey helps also. Israel needs to disappear. The USA needs to be humiliated, bankrupted, and turned inward so it can′t bother other countries for a long time.
Harald at 2011-11-11119.111.62.*
Nic displays typical western arrogance and carelessness for human lifes. Do Lybian lives not count? Is all what counts American profits?

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