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Chinese eat Koalas? Nonsense! (4)

(China Daily)

10:20, November 09, 2011

"Too many fake products, including meats, have been found in the province in recent years," Chen told China Daily. "Now, few Cantonese people are still proud of eating wildlife meat dishes, or think wildlife dishes are a tonic, after they experienced the outbreak of fatal SARS in 2003."

SARS, which killed thousands of people around the world, was first detected in Guangdong. The virus that lead to SARS was finally found to hide in the masked civet, which used to be popular in local restaurants.

Guangzhou became the first mainland city to have koalas after the city's Xiangjiang Safari Park in Panyu district imported three males and three females from Australia in April 2006.

The world's first koala twins were born at the park in 2006.

According to a staff member from the Xiangjiang Safari Park, it now has 22 koalas from four generations.

"All the koalas are now living in their luxury homes and being well taken care of in the park," said the staff.

Koalas are the park's major attraction to tourists and local residents, he added.

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AussieGuy at 2011-11-1860.241.23.*
Are the rats tasty?
wende at 2011-11-1871.255.93.*
First of all, the Chinese restaurant should not have advertised it as such. It should be fined. However, it may not be economically viable to eat koala"s meat as it has to be imported. Everyone knows horse meat is being labeled as donkey meat.
steve at 2011-11-18122.169.79.*
Australian tourist didn"t say anything wrong . It is clearly mentioned that "The bamboo rat was labeled as koala because the seller mistook the bamboo rat as a koala" . Aussies should keep it in mind that Chinese people eat bamboo rats .
PD User at 2011-11-1080.94.16.*
2011-11-9.Chinese not eat Koalas Ok!It mean that Koalas eats australian.Today to throw accusation.Can Koalas to be bad?Australian be odd nobody no to accuse australian a to drink beer poty's and to have a fatamorgana.

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