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Why you dirty rat ... (4)

(China Daily)

09:28, November 09, 2011

After the rat population is considerably slashed, guerrilla warfare is unleashed to hunt down remaining groups. Finally, the task is narrowed to espionage, which requires extraordinary wits to outsmart and get rid of the final holdouts, Ma said.

Qin Zuojian, 30, deputy director of a nursing home in Yuhua district in Changsha, is grateful to have received free rat elimination services twice from Ma's company.

Rats used to be so rampant that people came across them in corridors and could hear their pitter-patter over the kitchen roof.

"Ma checked every suspicious place himself and demonstrated real authority in his field. He even spotted a little rat under a concrete floor near the lawn," Qin said.

The nursing home could not afford pest control service, and relies on government-subsidized poison.

"I hope Ma will keep his promise to motivate more employees to follow his lead in volunteering for community service," Qin said.

Ma said the fortune he has made can feed his family for 20 years.

When talking of his 12-year-old daughter and 9-year-old son, Ma said "they do not have to make it a family business when they grow up, unless they have a genuine interest in it."

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